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    Foreign exchange, precious metals, CFD, BTC

Why choose us?

Our Company is an international investment service provider dedicated to providing global institutional and retail customers with risk control and transfer solutions, international spot and futures contracts for differences and global integrated trading services. In order to meet the needs of more retail customers, Our Company provides the best quality international spot and futures products for global retail customers and financial institutions with its senior international financial derivatives operation experience.

Stable trading platform

MS transaction speed, stable and safe, ensuring top-level transaction experience

Top liquidity providers

Enjoy deep institutional foreign exchange flow quotation

Capital security

Customer funds are completely isolated from the group's own operating funds

No conflict of interest

Real stp/ecn execution, no trader intervention

Convenient payment

Mobile payment is convenient, fast access to the fund is efficient, safe and stable

One to one customer service

One on one customer service for traders 5 / 24 a week

Account type suitable for your trading style

Standard account
The low commission standard account with rich functions is suitable for all traders, including novices. It is characterized by market execution, stable spread and no repeated quotation. Under the guidance of authoritative economic man, low starting amount and low threshold transaction.
Most popular choice! Ideal for novice traders.
Professional account
An account that meets the needs of experienced traders. Features: ultra low point difference, or even no point difference. It can match the most authoritative broker to guide the transaction, with high amount, high return and high return.
Bare spot
Minimum naked point, low handling fee
Zero point
The 30 currency pairs have a 0-point spread 95% of the trading day
Our instant execution account provides excellent order execution

The most popular trading products

foreign exchange

Seize the opportunity to trade 62 currency pairs with ultra low spreads and fast execution.

noble metal

Speculate on the price trend of gold and silver against the US dollar, and enrich your trading portfolio.


Provide mainstream virtual currency BTC, ETH, BCH, etc, dash, etc

Stock index and crude oil

Access to major international stock indices and crude oil without fees, re quotes and hidden price increases.

Provide the best deal for customers

  •  The top-level technical support, Our Company has the world's top-level technical support, and the customer information security and transaction execution will be guaranteed to the greatest extent

  •  24 / 7 customer service support – our experienced customer service team will provide personalized service for you 24 / 5 at any time during the market opening time

  •  Direct docking with metaltrader 5 – the most advanced trading system for precious metals and differential contracts, directly docking with MT5 mobile port

  •  Make your investment worth more than you can - our goal is to provide you with a wide range of ultra low and ultra-low interest rate trading products, so that your investment has no worries

MetaTrader 5 makes trading easier

MT5 is an excellent real-time trading platform, which has concise, flexible, stable and detailed dynamic quotation analysis, and can set technical indicators and use intelligent trading system. Its perfect and practical function enables all kinds of traders to realize all trading strategies. It is also the most commonly used trading platform for traders. It can be used as the terminal of trading, futures, crude oil and contract for difference markets.

Safe and reliable capital

According to the industry standard, to ensure the safety of funds, in Our Company, customers' funds and the company's own funds are deposited in different bank accounts to achieve complete separation.

Our Company strictly adheres to the guidelines including anti money laundering policy to protect the interests of customers. Under no circumstances will we accept deposit or withdrawal requests from third parties.

Account opening process

Open a foreign exchange and contract for difference trading account for free with just a few mouse clicks.

01 online application

Click "Register" to fill in the application information online

02 submission

Upload ID and bank information

03 approved

After the approval is passed, the account information will be sent to the email address when you register

04 start trading

Online cash is made through account deposits in the management system.

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Convenient and quick account opening

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